Adrian Burke

At 23 years old, Adrian Burke is already an accomplished artist. Born in Toronto, Canada, he began playing guitar and writing music at a young age. By age 15 he was already a seasoned performer, fronting bands and opening up for established Canadian acts. By 16, he had already won the prestigious Silver Medal award for his performance in the classical genre. During his undergraduate career, he delved even deeper into music intensely studying theory, popular and art music. This pushed his writing and musical diversity further and led to the creation of popular and classical compositions. After a successful completion of an undergraduate degree and a long period of writing, he decided to focus on improving his live performance. Armed with just an acoustic guitar and his voice, he spent the summer of 2009 performing intimate shows. During that time he also got a taste for the studio and has since become a sought-after studio musician. In the fall of 2009, he moved to London, UK to pursue a Master’s degree in Music Management and to explore the European music industry. Adrian is currently perfecting old and new material while completing his dissertation focusing on Copyright Law issues. Adrian is now in the process of breaking into the Toronto music industry.


Featuring: John (Vocals, Guitar, Trombone), Cheryl (Vocals, Keys, Percussion), Chas (Sticks & Skins, Vocals), and Skip (Bass)

The revolution party has begun!

Influenced by the Caribbeans & Southern California, TooNice has created the sound of Central Ontario! Four members with diverse musical backgrounds have created the nattiest sound around. Go wake the town!

The Fairweathers

Featuring: Kyle Moning (Vocals, Bass, Guitar), Denis Spellen (Guitar, Vocals, Bass), and Jeff Crugnale (Drums, Vocals)

Allow me to introduce you to The Fairweathers: A small-town band with big city appeal. From their pop hooks to their straight-up rockers to their acoustic-driven ballads, The Fairweathers do it all in a way that’s instantly likeable and fun to listen to.

The band formed in mid 2010, jamming together for the first time to headline a breast cancer fundraiser concert in their hometown of Caledonia, Ontario. But that was not the end of The Fairweathers’ story. The three members—Kyle Moning, Denis Spellen, and Jeff Crugnale—found they had an instant bond and that the three of them together could make words jump off the page and rhythms jump off the stage.

Just a few short months after the show, the band went into the studio to record their debut, self-titled five-song E.P. The recording showed off their songs’ depth from the pop punk rocker Just Jenny to the party song A Little Too Late and finishing off with the young-love acoustic ballad Getaway Car.

The Fairweathers, never content with staying in one place for long, have their eyes on the horizon. The band hasn’t stopped writing through the recording process and is always working on new material to showcase. The future is bright for this young band.

Pure Finesse

Featuring: Mike Simpson, Angela Wheeler, Brett Leier, Tom Juhas, Mike Meusel, Nick Teehan, Brian Walters, and Chad Davis.

Pure Finesse. An ambitious fusion of polar opposites. Spurred on by the powerful presence of the old school, songwriter and ringleader Mike Simpson crafted Pure Finesse as a collection of individuals from Toronto summoning forth the righteous horns from Tower of Power, the funky brother rap of James Brown, the brash rock swagger of David Lee Roth and the rage fuelled riffing of Judas Priest… and colliding them for the first time.

Founded in 2005, Pure Finesse sets a new paradigm for what popular music can be. Growing up on the outskirts of Motown, Mike Simpson studied bass with noted Detroit bass player Chuck Bartels (currently touring with grammy nominated soulstress Betty Lavette), who cultivated his love for authentic old school R&B. Fast forward 10 years, now a veteran vocalist and instrumentalist on the Toronto metal scene, Mike Simpson has recorded and released multiple successful albums with Chaos Within, the Womb and The Great Collapse. Throughout his rise on the scene he kept a tight grip on his soulful roots, performing with grammy winning artists Randy Brecker and Steve Gadd (of Steely Dan fame).

Simpson isn’t the only shining star in Pure Finesse. Drummer Chad Davis plays in Toronto’s most in demand soul/R&B group, Soular. Trumpeter Brian Walters has toured Europe numerous times and is currently the horn section director for Universal recording artist Down With Webster as well as playing shows with popular Toronto indie act Rebel Emergency. Guitarist Tom Juhas has recorded multiple albums with his own groups Mr. Marbles and sluttysluttyBANGBANG, as well as having played with jazz greats Dave Holland (Miles Davis Quintet) and grammy winning trumpeter Dave Douglas. Bassist Mike Meusel has toured through Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii with the Rachelle Courtney Quartet.